Optical level switch

Optische niveauschakelaar

The Industrial range of liquid level switches were designed to offer industrial supply voltages and outputs that can directly drive higher power loads.

The microcontroller based sensor is solid state, incorporating an infra-red LED and phototransistor which are optically coupled by the tip when the sensor is in air. When the sensing tip is immersed in liquid, the infra-red light escapes making the output change state. The sensor can detect the presence or absence of almost any liquid type; oil or water based. It is insensitive to ambient light and is not affected by foam when in air or by small bubbles when in liquid.

A range of N and P type output configurations can sink or source up to 1A

This industrial level sensor is been developed to be used with the standard 8-30VDC power supply. The high 1amp output can be used for several purposes.

  • Supply Voltage (Vs)4.5VDC to 15.4VDC or 8VDC to 30VDC
  • Supply Current (ls)2.5mA max. (Vs = 15.4VDC) or 7.5mA max. (Vs = 30VDC)
  • Output Sink and Source Current (lout)1A
  • Operating TemperaturesStandard: -25°C to +80°C
  • Extended: -40°C to +125°C
  • Storage TemperaturesStandard: -30°C to +85°C
  • Extended: -40°C to +125°C
  • Housing Material Polysulfone or Trogamid®
  • Sensor Termination 20AWG, 250mm PVDF wires, or 22AWG PVC cable.
  • Output Voltage (Vout):lout = 1A
  • Vs = 4.5 - 15.4VDC
  • Output HighVout = Vs - 1.5V max
  • Output LowVout = 0V + 0.5V max
  • Output Voltage (Vout):lout = 1A
  • Vs = 8 - 30VDC
  • Output HighVout = Vs - 1.8V max
  • Output LowVout = 0V + 0.7V max
  • Output Current (Iout):1A max
Optische niveauschakelaar

The level sensor without moving parts.