Hydrostatic level transmitter 4-20mA with screw thread

Proportional level measurement

Hydrostratische niveau transmitter 4-20mA met schroefdraad

Hydrostatic pressure transmitter:

These hydrostatic leveltransmitter measures the water hight of balance tanks or swimming pools through a connection tube witha reduction to female thread.


  • Made for swimming pool water
  • Input 12-30VDC
  • Output 4-20mA
  • Accuracy 0,5%FS
  • Working temperature -20 tot +70°C
  • SS 316L head
  • Cable lenght 3m. with air tube
  • IP66
  • Measuring range 0-150cm ( others on demand)
  • Overpressure 225cm
  • Defect on 450cm


Water level ranges 0-150cm.

Hydrostratische niveau transmitter 4-20mA

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